Aerospace industry applications represent ideal opportunities to exploit the novel advantages of optical fibre sensing, such as:

  • reduced size and mass of sensors and cabling
  • immunity to radio frequency interference, and no radio frequency emission
  • zero power providing intrinsically safe operation, particularly important in areas where fuel is present
  • superior fatigue durability as a result of the very low mass of fibre sensors
  • unique to fibre sensors, the ability to embed within the composite structures chosen for many applications in modern aircraft

Working with some of the biggest names in the civil and military aircraft industries, Smart Fibres has been at the forefront of pioneering such aerospace applications since its establishment in the 1990s.

SmartScan Aero Mini

SmartScan Aero Mini

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SmartScan Aero FBG Interrogator

Case Study 2000-2007. Research Project AHMOS

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