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Pioneering Optical Fibre Sensing

Smart Fibres has been pioneering the development of measurement systems based on fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) since 1998. That makes us one of the longest established players in an exciting, new market.

Our systems can deliver numerous, key advantages over conventional, electronic sensing technologies for design validation, process optimisation and condition monitoring. The principal applications that we have opened to this technology are within the oil & gas, wind energy and aerospace sectors. Numerous other applications exist in other sectors, wherever critical data is required from extreme harsh environments.

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Our Mission

We deliver solutions for precise, reliable measurement from places where conventional technology cannot go.

Our measurements add value through improved understanding, reliability and efficiency. We believe that our technology, our people, our customers, our leadership, our core values and our QHSE promise are what make us great.

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Our Products

Durable, proven FBG sensors and high performance, low cost FBG interrogators.

We have developed a portfolio of bespoke FBG sensors and transducers for a range of applications. These sensors have been rigorously qualified and proven in our laboratories, and within their intended applications. For instance, our wind turbine blade patches have been tested to over 60 million high load cycles, and our downhole pressure and temperature gauges have been tested to extremes of shock and vibration, pressure and temperature.

Our tuneable laser FBG interrogators developed to work with this range of sensors are very competitively priced yet offer best in class measurement performance in harsh environments, For instance, our SmartScan instruments offer sub-picometer measurement repeatability at tens of kilohertz, even in flight, whilst our wellhead SmartScope offers one picometer measurement accuracy from -15 to +60 degrees Celsius.

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A Truly International Enterprise

Smart Fibres serves the whole world with its unique technology solutions. We have customers in six continents and sales partners in five. In our UK headquarters, we have experts drawn together from across the world, meaning that we can communicate with our customers in multiple languages. 

Wherever in the world our technology is deployed, we offer local installation, commissioning and ongoing technical support services.

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