SmartScan Aero Mini Optical Interface Cable

The Optical Interface Cable for SmartScan Aero Mini (SSAMOIC) is a compact and robust connection system to connect the SmartScan Aero Mini FBG interrogator to a sensor network.

SSAMOIC assembly provides excellent high-end performance in the most severe environments and is the ideal solution when reliable optical connectivity is required. The keyed connector housing was designed for optimum optical performance in Single mode APC and provides excellent return loss levels even when used in a variety of harsh environments, including aerospace and military applications.

The ruggedized connecting cables are aerospace grade to ensure complete long term protection of the fibers in harsh environments experienced during aerospace travel. The optical interface cable is supplied with 4 temporary FC/APC connectors. For best performance it is recommended that the user splices the cable assembly directly onto the sensor network.

  • Ruggedized & robust aerospace grade cable assembly
  • MIL spec connector
  • Excellent optical performance maintained in harsh environments
  • Keyed mating alignment
  • Optimized inspection and cleaning process with convenient access to the optical end face
SmartScan Aero Mini

SmartScan Aero Mini