SmartMandrel is a gauge carrier mandrel, designed to API 5CT standards, for mounting SmartPort fiber optic PT gauge(s) on the completion's tubing string. SmartMandrel offers full mechanical protection during the Run-In-Hole process and after installation, ensuring long term reliability of the fibre optic (FO) PT gauge.

Tubing pressure and temperature is communicated to the FO gauge via a small pressure port on the body of the mandrel to the pressure inlet of the PT gauge. Sealing integrity between the SmartMandrel and SmartPort PT gauge is maintained with the use of dual metal-to-metal pressure testable seals. 

Annulus pressure and temperature are simply measured by leaving the SmartPort pressure inlet port open to the annulus. 

SmartMandrel can also accommodate a splitter housing (SmartSplit) for connecting the SmartPort to the downhole FO cable.

  • Tubing and/or Annulus Pressure and Temperature Measurements
  • Protects Full Length of Gauge
  • No Welds
  • All Metal-to-Metal Gauge to Mandrel Sealing
  • Full Bore Access
  • Designed to API5CT

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