Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas industry, numerous applications exist where operational and safety critical data is required from highly inhospitable measurement locations. Of the numerous advantages of fibre Bragg grating (FBG) sensing listed on our technology pages, several key advantages are directly applicable to many of these oil and gas applications.

These relevant advantages are: tolerance of extreme harsh environmentselectrical immunityremote sensing capabilitylong-term measurement stabilitydense multiplexing capability.

From these clear benefits, opportunity to exploit optical fibre sensing technology has emerged in several areas. Smart Fibres principal applications can be seen at the links to the right.

Distributed Pressure and Temperature Sensing


Oil & Gas Case Study - Oil Rim Monitoring System Development


Shell, NL and Petroleum Development Oman


To develop a novel new technology to manage fractured carbonate oil rim reservoirs that reports in real-time the location and thickness of the oil rim.

To replace the conventional use of periodic gradio surveys which can be inaccurate and do not offer real-time data.


A Distributed Pressure Sensing (DPS) system was developed, trialled and proven to track the oil rim in real time.

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