Why Smart Fibres

Constant Innovation

46% of turnover reinvested in R&D, new product launched every 5 months

With our continued investment in research and new product development, we have made a new product introductions every 5 months over the in last 5 years.

Qualified Technology

Extensive In-house Test and Calibration Laboratory 

Our products are rigorously qualified within our in-house test & calibration laboratory, offering impressive capability such as measurement at 30000 psi and 300 C to traceable standards.

Inbuilt Quality

ISO 9001 and ATEX certified quality management system

Our products are designed and manufactured under the control of our quality management system which has been certified to ISO 9001 standards since 2007. The quality management system is certified against the further rigours of the ATEX directive, allowing us to supply ATEX rated products for use in hazardous environments. 

Reliable Instruments

Predicted MTBF of SmartScan Single Board Interrogator 65 years

Our Interrogators have no moving parts and high reliability, The reliability prediction of SmartSan SBI (using MIL-HDBK-217F 1995) is 65.3 years for a ground benign environment, or 19.6 years for an airborne inhabited cargo environment. 

Robust Sensors

SmartPatch tested over 60 million load cycles. SmartPort Tested to Industry Leading Test Specifications

We deliver robust field proven products, suited to your intended applications. The SmartPatch testing was done by an early adopter wind turbine customer. SmartPort Testing was done in-house.

High Delivery Accuracy

>99% delivery accuracy

We understand your complex needs and deliver the right things to your expected quality.

Safety First

Only 1 lost time injury in 20 years

With ATEX approved products and an excellent safety record, we are able to deliver safely in some of the most demanding applications areas. Our one lost time injury was a fractured wrist. Thankfully, the injured party recovered quickly and fully.

Supported Customers

Training and support with every instrument or system sale

We offer our customers the support that they need to understand our technology and its capabilities. We offer free technical support with every instrument or system sale, then ongoing support as requested. Additional training packages are available on request.

Satisfied Customers

95% satisfied customers

95% of customers responding to our satisfaction survey in last 3 years were either satisfied, very satisfied or extremely satisfied