Our Technology

Our technology solutions are built around the highly accurate measurement of physical parameters using a type of optical sensor called the fibre Bragg grating (FBG). From its principal measurands of temperature and strain, the FBG allows numerous other parameters to be measured such as pressure, load, acceleration, displacement, flow etc.

Our technology has some unique differentiating features from conventional electronic sensing that give FBG sensing systems clear technical advantages for certain niche and, increasingly, volume measurement requirements.

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Our People

Smart Fibres is a Company of people passionate about technology, dedicated to applying our technology in ways that help change our impact on the world.

We are a tight-knit team of

- scientists and engineers who develop new products and solutions,

- production and test technicians who manufacture and qualify those products,

- project professionals who maintain quality, cost and timescales,

- and back office administrators to help bind everything together.

Our key developers are experts in their fields of materials science, physics, chemistry, photonics, electronics and software.

Our diverse team of men and women originate from the United Kingdom and elsewhere across the world. As a result we speak many languages and understand the differing cultures of our global customers.

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Our Customers

Some of the World's leading Companies have selected Smart Fibres' technology to solve their condition monitoring and process optimisation needs.

Amongst our customers we are proud to count:

  • major international and national oil Companies,
  • global oilfield service Companies,
  • global wind turbine manufacturers,
  • major commercial and military airframers,
  • plus some of the most respected academic and technical research institutes in the world.

The demanding needs and constant support of this elite group of customers is what helps us stay sharp and at the top of our industry.

Our Leadership

We are led by a passionate team of high quality people, committed to delivering our mission and living our core values

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Our Core Values

We see our core values as a moral compass. They drive everything we do and say.

Nothing we do shall have a higher priority than the safety of the people affected by our actions.

We shall never offer or accept favour to gain unfair advantage.

Excellence is a Smart Fibres brand promise - we will strive for excellence and quality in everything we do.

Our staff are empowered to take brave decisions in pursuit of excellence.

To ensure our customers trust is maintained, we shall never knowingly mis-sell a product or capability.

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Our QHSE Promise

Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment is the highest priority at Smart Fibres. We promise to always strive to:

Provide products and services under our quality management system to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.

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Operate in such a manner that

  • safeguards our employees
  • safeguards the employees and property of our clients
  • minimizes the impact on the environments in which our technology is deployed