SmartAccel-LF is a single axis FBG acceleration sensor, suitable for low frequency measurement of small vibrations. The sensor is ideal for the measurement of structural responses to dynamic stimuli, for instance buildings during earthquakes, wind turbines under gust loading, ship hulls under wave loading. Numerous SmartAccel-LF sensors can be multiplexed with our range of other fibreoptic sensors to form an integrated structural health monitoring system. Where higher amplitude or higher frequency vibrations are present, for instance in rotating machine condition monitoring, our SmartAccel-HF sensor is recommended.

For each of our SmartAccel products, tri-axis acceleration modules are available.

  • FBG acceleration sensor
  • 10 g (100 ms-2 ) range
  • Zero power, EMI immune, intrinsically safe
  • Dense multiplexing capability
  • Multiple km signal integrity for highly remote measurements

Related FAQs

FAQ. What is the warranty period for Smart Fibres equipment?

All of our fibre optic sensors come with a standard one year warranty. This warranty can be increased on a year by year basis. Extended warranty is available at the time of initial purchase on request.

FAQ. How do I calculate which wavelength to use for my FBGs to maximise the number of sensors on a particular channel?

Smart Fibres has created a wavelength budget calculation tool for FBG wavelength selection.

Please Email Us or call +44 1344 484111 with details of your application and we can help you create a wavelength budget.

FAQ. What fibre type is used in your systems?

Single mode fibre with a 9 µm core, 125 µm cladding, and a 155 µm Polyimide or 245 µm Acrylate coating. Optical Fibers with pure silica core, bend tolerant and small core e.g. 6/125 or 4/125, can also be used but with some optical power losses. Multi mode fibre cannot be used.

FAQ. Can we put different sensor types on the same fibre?

Yes, Smart Fibres’ WDM products allow the user to combine different sensors types, e.g. temperature, strain and vibration all on a single fibre.