Rotating Equipment Condition Monitoring System

The highly remote nature of subsea pumps makes monitoring with conventional sensor technologies impractical, expensive, and often impossible. Smart Fibres' technologies and their relevant key performance benefits overcome many of these difficulties and offer the possibility of commercially viable monitoring systems with very high-value propositions to asset owners.

Producing deepwater reserves is a high-value industry, and every component in the upstream process is of critical importance. Motorised pumps used to push hydrocarbons from subsea wellheads to floating production units are examples of such critical assets. The cost of the vessels required to bring these assets to the surface for maintenance and repair, and the expense of production downtime whilst such vessel availability is awaited, makes continuous health monitoring a highly valuable capability as part of a condition based maintenance regime.

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Case Study 2007-2011

Case Study 2007-2011. Development of a subsea pump condition monitoring system

Related FAQs

FAQ. Does Smart Fibres offer field installation services?

Yes, our highly experienced team of field installation engineers can be mobilized to install our systems or sensors anywhere around the globe.

For more information please Email Us or call +44 1344 484111.

FAQ. How do I calculate which wavelength to use for my FBGs to maximise the number of sensors on a particular channel?

Smart Fibres has created a wavelength budget calculation tool for FBG wavelength selection.

Please Email Us or call +44 1344 484111 with details of your application and we can help you create a wavelength budget.