Landing Gear Instrumentation System

The aircraft landing gear environment is about as harsh as they come for instrumentation - extremes of temperature, high levels of shock and vibration and potential exposure to corrosive fluids. Therefore a rugged and reliable measurement solution is absolutely necessary.

Optical sensing solutions using Smart Fibres’ technology can withstand these ultra-harsh conditions, principally due to the absence of electronics at the point of measurement. Operational benefits come from the long-term stability offered by FBG sensors which are easy to set up and require no recalibration over their lifetime. Being able to multiplex multiple sensing points on a single fibre brings the added benefits of reduced weight and simplified cable routing.

Under the collaborative research project ASHLEY, Smart Fibres are developing a suite of FBG based sensors that can measure proximity, rotational velocity, load and temperature on aircraft landing gear.

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Case Study 2012-2017. Research Project ASHLEY

Case Study 2012-2017. Research Project ASHLEY

Related FAQs

FAQ. Does Smart Fibres offer field installation services?

Yes, our highly experienced team of field installation engineers can be mobilized to install our systems or sensors anywhere around the globe.

For more information please Email Us or call +44 1344 484111.

FAQ. How do I calculate which wavelength to use for my FBGs to maximise the number of sensors on a particular channel?

Smart Fibres has created a wavelength budget calculation tool for FBG wavelength selection.

Please Email Us or call +44 1344 484111 with details of your application and we can help you create a wavelength budget.