Distributed Overheat Detection System

Many linear structures exist where anomalies in the distributed temperature profile of the structure indicate a fault. Fibre optic distributed temperature sensing (DTS) is routinely used to detect and alert such anomalies, for example, leaks in oil or gas pipelines or prevent ice buildup on leading edges.

Traditional DTS technology lacks the performance, flight worthiness and price required to address this application. Smart Fibres, in collaboration with a major airframer, has conceived and patented a novel FBG solution to the application and plans to commercialise it over the coming years (from 2017). Due to the confidential nature of the application and early development stage, further details are currently restricted, Please check back for future updates or contact us to request updates to be sent when available.

The same novel approach can also be used for other aerospace applications and well as niche distributed temperature sensing applications in other industries.


Related FAQs

FAQ. Does Smart Fibres offer field installation services?

Yes, our highly experienced team of field installation engineers can be mobilized to install our systems or sensors anywhere around the globe.

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