Smart News | November 2014. High-performance dynamic FBG interrogator for under $9,000

In 2013, Smart Fibres Ltd., a global provider of Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) sensor and interrogator products, announced its SmartScan SBI, a single board dynamic FBG Interrogator for OEM integration with third party systems in industrial, aerospace, oil & gas, civil engineering and other applications. (see link below).

Smart Fibres is now pleased to offer the SmartScan SBI Lite, a variant of the single board interrogator with the same extraordinary resolution, a limited 250 Hz scan rate, and an ultra-low price tag.

With prices commencing at under $9,000, and reducing further with quantity, the SmartScan SBI Lite is an affordable, high-performance complete FBG interrogator. Like the SmartScan SBI, the Lite model is modular and can be built into an 8, 12 or 16-channel 40nm or 80nm capability, either as a board-stack or build into a Modular SmartScan Lite Instrument.

About Smart Fibres Ltd.

Smart Fibres pioneered the development of Fiber Bragg Grating based monitoring systems and has been an industry leader for over 15 years.

With a broad range of FBG sensor and interrogator products and a wealth of applications knowledge, we serve the world's leading companies and institutes by developing practical Fibre Optic Sensing solutions in many market areas including oil and gas, aerospace, renewable energy, marine, medical and civil engineering. As an ISO-9001 accredited company, Smart Fibres is highly committed to consistent quality manufacturing and efficient business operations. Our current developments are set to make Fibre Optic Sensing more broadly available and economically viable as a performance optimization and asset management tool in a number of key volume sectors.

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