Smart News | April 2017. Smart Fibres completes two additional FCMS installations in the Middle-East

Smart Fibres Ltd, the UK manufacturer of FBG-based fibre optic sensing solutions, has recently completed the successful installation of two additional Fluid Contact Monitoring Systems (FCMS) for a large Oil&Gas operator in the Middle-East. These two new installations are part of a series of six, that will be commissioned during 2017.

Smart Fibres’ FCMS is based on the company’s unique DPTS (Distributed Pressure & Temperature Sensing) technology, which provides real-time pressure and temperature measurements in multiple zones of a well completion, enabling oil companies to optimise the production of hydrocarbons. All deployments consist of 15 SmartPort pressure and temperature gauges connected to a single down-hole control line with full redundancy connectivity incorporated.


DPTS Details


“The commissioning of these two new systems provides another great example of our expertise and excellent delivery capabilities in a highly competitive industry. They also reaffirm Smart Fibres’ position as a leading player in the Oil&Gas sensing arena.” says Chris Staveley, CEO at Smart Fibres.

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Distributed Pressure and Temperature Sensing System