Smart News | April 2015. Smart Fibres announces fluid contact monitoring system

Smart Fibres Ltd., a global provider of Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) sensing solutions, today announced the commercial availability of its fluid contact monitoring (FCM) system using distributed pressure sensing (DPS). By deploying a DPS array across different fluid layers, the system measures the density of the media between adjacent gauges from which, with intelligent data processing, the fluid contacts are derived. In certain types of formation, the system can provide the operator valuable information about the location and the dynamic behaviour of the oil rim to optimise oil production.

The FCM system was developed by Smart Fibres under a joint project with Shell and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). The system has been optimized and demonstrated in field trials since 2009, resulting in first commercial deployments in 2015 with PDO. Alternative potential applications of the FCM technology include, reservoir production monitoring, fluid offtake monitoring for pumped wells, and surface or subsea fluid separation monitoring.

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