Smart News | December 2017. Smart Fibres & TWI Awarded A Contract With ITER Organisation

A consortium formed by Smart Fibres and TWI has been awarded a contract for ‘Vacuum Vessel In-Service Inspection (ISI) – Work Package 4 – Acoustic Emission Feasibility Study’ with the ITER Organisation.

The contract, which will be delivered during 2018 and 2019, will study the feasibility and address the design principles of a fibre optic based acoustic emission monitoring system to detect and monitor the appearance and propagation of potential cracks on the vacuum vessel structure of ITER’s Tokamak nuclear fusion reactor.

“With this contract, we show once again that Smart Fibres continues leading the way in fibre optic sensing and monitoring systems for application in very harsh environments such as those of the Nuclear Industry,” says Crispin Doyle, Smart Fibres’ CTO

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