Smart News | July 2016. Aerospace Interrogator Qualification Presented

Smart Fibres’ Hasula Dias presents the development and aerospace qualification of the SmartScan Aero Mini Interrogator at the ISROS (International Society on Reliability of Optoelectronics for Systems) workshop in Otwock, Poland.

To download a copy of the paper presented, click the link below.

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Related FAQs

FAQ. Can I make changes to the software supplied or write my own software to control a Smart Fibres FBG Interrogator?

There are four options for customising the SmartSoft interface software of our instruments:

Option 1) Write your own LabVIEW plug-in

Option 2) Write your own custom LabVIEW interface

Option 3) Write your own custom interface in another programming language

Option 4) Request Smart Fibres to customise SmartSoft to your specific requirements

Email Technical Support or call +44 1344 484111 for more information.

FAQ. What software is supplied with an FBG interrogator?

All of our interrogators are supplied with our standard SmartSoft suite of LabVIEW based applications.

For further information about SmartSoft please visit our SmartSoft Software Product Page via the below link.

For options about customising the software, please refer to our further FAQ below.