Case Study 2008. Oil tanker hull monitoring


Samsung Heavy Industries / Global Maritime Engineering.


To develop a fibre optic condition monitoring system for the hull of an Arctic Shuttle Tanker. The project also required Smart Fibres to develop a system that measured the ice loading on the bow and in the stern water ballast tank.


200+ SmartWeld strain and temperature sensors, SmartAccel Tri-Axis sensors, W5 instrumentation, and interconnecting fibres were successfully installed and commissioned by 2 Smart Fibres Engineers over a 3 week period. The system, a world’s first of its type, provides the vessel operator continuous information about the structural health and ice loading of the hull during service.

As at the time of last update (2014) the system continues to be in operational use without any maintenance or repair intervention required from Smart Fibres.


2nd Image Below - SmartWeld strain sensor spot-welded to hull inner surface
3rd Image Below - Multiple SmartWeld sensors installed on hull structural members
Right Image Below - Installed SmartWeld sensor inside ballast tank with protective waterproof coating

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