Case Study 2005. Road Bridge Structural Health Monitoring


Mageba SA


To monitor strain and temperature at various locations in a newly built road bridge to provide a long-term structural health monitoring capability


Strain and temperature sensors were attached to the bridge at selected location (main box section, McAlloy cross members and expansion joints). Data from the sensors is being acquired from a permanently installed W3 interrogator located within an instrument room. Data from electrical strain and temperature sensors are also being recorded for reference information. The data is being sent real-time to a URL via an on-site modem where the customer is able to display and download. At the time of writing, the data is customer confidential.


Images Below:
Top left  - Bridge crossing Steinbach Valley
Top Middle  - Box section construction
Top right  - Portable gantry used for installation
Lower left  - Sensor installation on cross member
Lower Middle  - Installed strain sensor on expansion joint
Lower Right  - Installed temperature sensor on expansion joint

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